“I’ve functioned as the business manager for a high net worth family in San Francisco for the past few years. During this time I’ve had opportunity to work with some of the best real estate firms in the city on high end home purchases and sales for them. As the Trustee handling the disposition of this particular home in Santa Rosa, I turned to three of the San Francisco real estate firms from which I had previously established a working relationship. I asked for their guidance and referrals for selection of the best agent, based upon all their contacts. The same name – and the only one – showed up on two of the three INDEPENDENT referrals – Mariann Ilaria. And, one of those referrals came from the San Francisco-based Sotheby’s office, who also owns the local Sonoma office. They bypassed their own agents by recommending Mariann at Pacific Union.

I then proceeded to interview three real estate agents, including Mariann and John. Based upon their advance research and presentation, as well as the personal chemistry, they, indeed, were my first choice as agents. Once the sales process got underway, I was very impressed with the way details were handled. Mariann and John convinced me to utilize a “stager” so as to most effectively market the home. That in itself turned the home from an “everyday looking home” into a “showcase home.” Mariann and John’s team then proceeded to assemble some of the best marketing materials that I have ever seen. The website pro forma is far superior to any that has been used by my San Francisco based realtors for marketing of homes worth several times more in value. In fact, this Parker Hill Road website has set a new level of standard from which a couple of the San Francisco agents are now striving to match on their high end properties.

Mariann and John’s meticulous attention to detail on every facet of the sales process has been fantastic, whether it be in obtaining the optimum sunset picture shot of the house for marketing materials, suggesting prospective-buyer improvements, or giving timely and constructive feedback from showings. (And, because Mariann and John work as a team, you are essentially obtaining two agents worth of availability and work for the price of one, This has been such an added benefit because I’m based in Michigan. Hence, Mariann and John have been instrumental in scheduling and coordinating so many of the peripheral tasks – housekeeping, window cleaning, landscaping, handyman, etc. – that would otherwise be difficult to handle from here.)

Because of their experience and efforts, the 3891 Parker Hill Road home, which could have been on the market for an extended time due to the unique circumstances surrounding its sale, received an offer OVER asking price in less than 6-weeks from the date the home was listed. All-in-all, I would state with confidence that Mariann and John are the best sales agents that I have ever worked with, whether in CA or here in MI, and would highly endorse them as your choice for the marketing of your home.”

Glenn F. 

“My father-in-law, Robert Holmes and I were partners in the creation of a few homes that combined fine art and architecture. Robert is a world renowned sculptor and an architectural designer. After two other magnificent homes we decided to build our pinnacle show place in Shiloh Estates. We put it on the market at the beginning of 2008. It sat there for almost 2 years before we changed realtors. Mariann and John were referred to us. They instantly understood the artful uniqueness of our home. They decided to have it staged to create more warmth. They brought in their design team and consultants. This team transformed the ultra modern home into a home built with art and sculptural lines into a totally comfortable livable space. Mariann and John used every imaginable marketing approach which ended with two interested parties bidding against each other resulting in a sale. The incredible scope of the Sotheby’s brand paired with the magic of the Mariann and John team resulted in a “sold” sign in front of our home. I am very happy with John and Mariann and treasure our wonderful friendship.”

Andrew M.

“Mariann and John are savvy, honest, careful, thorough and they understand the value of pivotal timing, too! MANY times Mariann or John stepped in to help us with a number of details that – simply put – had nothing to do with the real estate transaction, but were critical to us at the time. Most importantly, all the matters of the transaction, from marketing, to showing, to photography, to improve-ment of external appearance, to legal paperwork, to inspections, and on and on, were handled excellently and professionally by Mariann and John. Really superbly! We have no hesitation – none at all – in recommending them to anyone (for sale or purchase), with the recommendation being of the highest caliber. They truly were and are excellent!”

Samson M. & Rachel R.

“We quickly became aware of their tremendous skills and in the future would not hesitate to have them handle our real estate needs again… Mariann and John’s patience, professionalism and excellent understanding of Sonoma County helped us find a house we are extremely happy with. Without their guidance we would not have been successful in our search. They are great… and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.”

David R. & Nicole M.

“I would like to express my deep appreciation for the excellent services provided to us by Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg during the recent sale of my house on Bennett Valley Road in Santa Rosa. The professional judgment and care which they demonstrated in every step of the sales process was exceptional. I wholeheartedly endorse them.”

R. Thomas W.

“Mariann and John are a super team.  This is our 4th transaction with them.”

Brook & Cory  W.

“Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg are the BEST!”

Gayle T.

“Our real estate agents, Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg are truly two of the best agents in Sonoma County! Their professional knowledge of the industry, dedication and ability to market our property in the best possible way made selling our home a wonderful experience. Selling a home can be a stressful event in one’s life. John and Mariann were there for us every step of the way. With two small children and starting a new business it was extremely important to have the level of service and detail that they were able to provide for us. We will definitely work with them again and highly recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home.”

Tim & Tracy P.

“We would not hesitate to list or recomend them.  Mariann and John were great!”

Steve & Kathy F.

“This letter is written to attest to the work done by Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg while representing us in the sale of our wine country home. During the entire process, Mariann and John acted with the utmost professionalism and personal care to ensure the sale of our home. The marketing materials were outstanding quality… in addition, the marketing strategy/placement had very wide appeal and helped to bring in the right kind of agents and buyers. Beyond marketing, Mariann and John spent considerable time and energy working with us on negotiation tactics. When we hit some unexpected difficulties with our first buyer, we were especially grateful to have their expertise and guidance through such stressful times. They handled the complexities of selling a high-end home with grace and tact, ultimately selling the home at a price we were very happy with.”

John & Rhona C.

“Mariann & John were the BEST!  We had a difficult seller and they made the situation so much better than it could have been.  They were so professional – and fun too!  We loved working with them.”

Mark G. & Joyce M.

“Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg were exceptional! We were 100% happy with their responsiveness, quality and professionalism. Besides, we like them a lot!”

Bob P.

“We highly recommend Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg. We have worked with them on three different real estate transactions over the years and they have consistently demonstrated the utmost in service, professionalism, integrity and genuine care. They went the extra mile in every aspect and they cared about us and our future as if we were members of their own family.”

Tom & Jill N.

“We wanted to report on the excellent handling by Mariann Ilaria and John Stackelberg of our relocation. It was apparent from the start that Mariann and John have a real love for their job. Their ability to listen attentively to our needs and desires coupled with their knowledge of the area resulted in our purchasing a home that we are extremely happy with! The diligence, thoroughness, regard to detail and tireless enthusiasm they exhibited at every juncture of the purchase process insured a smooth transaction. We would recommend Mariann and John as real estate agents for anyone who appreciates true professionalism in a real estate transaction.”

Mark & Diane G.

“Mariann & John are very professional and personable sales people who made us feel comfortable and confident from
the very beginning of our first meeting. Their knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism assured us that we had made the right choice of agents. We would highly recommend them to our friends.”

Joseph & Marcia C.

“Absolute pleasure – The way business should be conducted!”
Marc D.

“They did a great job for us and they make a great team.”

Kurt & Brenda B.

“I was very happy to have Mariann Ilaria as my listing agent. She was very professional and aggressive with the selling of our property. She went beyond the call of duty, performing tasks that should have been done by the agent representing the buyer. She always convinced potential buyers and their agents of the value in our property which swayed their decision to offer a higher amount. In my opinion, Mariann is a true asset and shines among the best.”

Mike H.

“… It is more than fair to say that Mariann Ilaria deserves recognition for the way she handled the sale of our house… Mariann communicates well; we knew everyday where things stood… Mariann put forth a maximum effort to sell our
property; her attention to detail is very much appreciated… We felt like we were her only clients… We recommend her
to anyone who needs a great agent.”

C.S. & S.S.

“I am writing to recommend John Stackelberg, an agent with your organization. John recently facilitated our successful purchase of a piece of property in Bennett Valley and I wanted you to be aware that our experience working with him was excellent.
We first met John almost a year ago when we contacted him about a piece of property he had listed. We had been working with an agent at another firm who had been quite unresponsive and we asked John if he would be willing to assist us. He is a very good listener and understood right away the kind of property we were seeking. He has been diligent in monitoring the market, screening available property that would fit our requirements and forwarding information to us in a timely way. He appears to be very knowledge about the different areas of Sonoma County and their relative merits and drawbacks as well as about county codes and other building requirements.

John sheparded us through one near purchase and did not give up on us when that did not work out. In the end, he found the perfect property for us and even recommended an architect with whom we are very pleased. Overall, John is not only a pleasant and attentive person with whom to work but a knowledgable one as well. We have recommended him to a friend who is also looking for property in Sonoma and have complete confidence he will have as excellent an experience as we did. John is definitely an asset to your firm and we plan to continue to recommend him and use his services in the future should that be necessary.”

Jerry & Patricia P.

“I just wanted to express my complete satisfaction with the way Mariann handled the transaction. She was always available when needed and she saw that every detail was taken care of properly. I had total confidence in Mariann and felt she was a truly honest person. I would recommend her highly to any other person looking at properties and I plan to work with her again in the future.”

Jean L. S.

“… I couldn’t have asked for a better relationship with an agent. Her manner is an effective mixture of seriousness and professionalism tempered with her genuine warmth, friendliness and her desire to be as helpful as possible. I always felt she was on my side and not just trying to make a sale. She also seems to know, and be on good terms with, many people associated with real estate, i.e. lenders, contractors, inspectors, etc., which gave me more confidence in her work. Mariann will be my first choice as an agent if I ever buy another home in this area.”

Jodi F.

“John was wonderfully attentive to our needs. In addition, he has helped us feel welcome in the community.”

Mark H. & Pamela L.

“From the time Mariann first showed us property and we made an offer on our home… through the entire escrow and closing, Mariann was completely efficient and professional, and very supportive and encouraging. She would always return our calls right away and deal with any questions we had immediately. Mariann’s handling of this property transaction was completely flawless. We have enjoyed having Mariann as our Realtor and friend. We will definitely call her when we get ready to look at property again.”

Wayne & Betty L.

“My wife and I would like to take a moment and let you know how pleased that we were in the professional service that we received dealing with Mariann Ilaria. She not only helped us find our dream home in “The Valley of the Moon” but also the follow through was very helpful during all the procedures of purchasing the home. It is doubtful that we would be in the home now without her help…”

Jack H.